Jim Nightmare (jimnightmare) wrote in text_is_life,
Jim Nightmare

Hi everybody!

Hey, I just joined here, and this place is maybe not so active anymore but I'm gonna post anyway because this seems like a cool community.

My name is Jim, I'm part of a multiple system that's also autistic, and I use text for pretty much everything. Like livejournal and AIM have been way way useful things for being able to say what's on my mind and communicate with other people, and when I'm hanging out with friends, I mostly use this communication device thing. I call it "text-to-text" because it's kinda like text-to-speech without the speech bit. What I do is just set up my laptop or netbook at a place in the room where everybody can see it, then open up a notepad document with big enough text so people can see, then plug in a wireless USB keyboard and take the keyboard with me, so wherever I am in the room I can just type and what I'm saying shows up over on the screen and everybody can read it. It works pretty good and I'm happy with it, like I'd like to try text-to-speech sometimes but this seems faster and I think maybe I'd get distracted by computer voice stuff, and anyway it looks like a lot of the good software for that stuff is way expensive and all I needed for this was to go pick up a $20 wireless keyboard. The only annoying thing is when people don't see that I'm typing and so they don't look over at the screen to read it. I've said before I need to go get a little bell to ding or something so I can get people's attention. :P

I'm practicing a lot at trying to learn how to talk better but I still mostly sound like I'm dying or something and can't express myself good. I think even if I can get it so I learn how to talk more, text is always gonna be a really big part of my life.
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Hi Jim, thanks for posting, hopefully it will wake up the community a bit. Your keyboard system sounds really good. There are some text to speech things that are designed by people who share them without charging a fortune. but I don't remember where they are, I used to have them bookmarked, but that was several computers ago, and I always seem to lose bookmarks when my computer gets upgraded!

You seem to express yourself fine in text, are you perhaps being too hard on yourself about how your speech sounds? I prefer text to speech (which is why I set up this community) but talking does have it's good points. Maybe a text to speech that reads what you have typed may help your confidence with actually talking when you need to talk (ie in situations where you can't use the computer and keyboard system.
Are you on Facebook at all? If you are, I am Simon Hugh Villiers Maynard, and you are welcome to add me. I tend not to use Livejournal as much as I used to, maybe because so many of the people I am in contact with all the time on Facebook have never even heard of Livejournal. I do sometimes come here, mainly when I don't want to turn the TV on but I want human contact and Facebook doesn't give me long interesting things to read and respond to.

Thanks for posting in the community.
We just found out we have a mute in our multiple system. We never knew that there was someone who could not speak. But you never know. We are trying to get her to warm up. She just doesn't respond. In words and writing she does better. But she doesn't respond. I am glad you shared this.
I think it is just a really slow board. I used to talk but found that it is, for me, not worth the hassle. In the home world they don't care whether I talk or not, so it's more relaxed there. There are a lot of people who don't talk. Write or use sign language or a chirpy thing instead. I'll have to explain them one of those days. If I spent a lot of time using the body I'd get an iPod and use Proloquo2Go. I am really impressed with it.