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Newbie Hello!! :)

Hi everyone!

My name is Pat, I am 26, and I am hearing, but joined the community because I have always loved and been fascinated and enthralled with Deaf culture and ASL since I was in kindergarten and made my first deaf friend. And I think ASL is a beautiful language. I have wanted to be an interpreter for the Deaf for a long time, but I only know basic signs and financially unable to attend ASL classes. But anyway, that out the window, all of my deaf friends now are online friends (text message with them, too. Plus I HATE speaking on the phone.) and all but one of them lives in Canada. In my experience Deaf people are very fun and crazy  and up for anything like I am (and like some of my hearing friends are afraid to be) and I always have a lot of fun them. I have other "physical challenges" too, so there's also having something in common and a mutual understanding.

I am shy at first so I have a close-knit group of friends here. I was hoping to find a local deaf friend in Tampa, FL to just hang out with, have a blast with, etc.

If you're interested, please feel free to comment here or you can e-mail me at lilyth {at} gmail {dot} com. (Sorry to type it like that, but I don't want to feel the spambots. :D )

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