Lissa (lissalysikan) wrote in text_is_life,


Y'all are way too quiet a bunch.
Most of the posts seem to be how to turn text to speech, and even those are old. There are enough free programs around to do that, it's not a big part of being in a text-only or mostly-text world.
I don't speak. I don't want to hear me speak (imagine a drunk 10 year old with a speech impediment who doesn't understand English). I don't want to hear others speak (since I can't really understand them anyway, it's kind of pointless).
Sometimes text is all there is - and the more often the better.
Send me an IM, don't call me on the phone - you'll spend most of the conversation saying "what?" in answer to me trying to say "what?".
I finally got my office to be text-only. I stopped going to the office and my home phone answers "the person you are attempting to speak to can only be reached by emailing and requesting an appointment".
It actually worked :D !
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