Dora (intralimina) wrote in text_is_life,

Text to Speech Software for Mac (or Other Alternatives)

I'm investigating text-to-speech software to use when I'm in situations where I can't talk and using a notebook is either impractical (I type way faster than I write) or less desirable (for people who insist on vocal communication and/or greater speed is needed).

So far I've just been using Mac's native TTS PlainTalk by typing, highlighting what I've typed, and pressing some hot keys to make the speaking happen. This seems to be OK, although I'd rather have a TTS program where I press enter after each block of text to have the speech happen, kind of the same way chat works.

I'm wondering if anyone here has any recommendations for TTS programs for Mac OSX, or other recommendations for TTS technology to be used for communication. I would like to hear your recommendations. Thanks.

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