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I am a strange dichotomy

I am an opera singer by trade. Singing is, of course, my bread and butter and I do it well enough. Just singing somebody else's notes, rhythms, and words has never been a problem for me.

Unfortunately, it is this very musicianship that has led to my downfall. As I became more aware of pitch, tone quality, and dynamics, I found that I am more aware of those things in spoken language and real-life environments (ex: I can't stand the sound of my stepmom's voice because it's too nasal; I get very bothered when people talk too loud). People with perfect pitch talk about their "gift" really being a "curse," and while I don't have perfect pitch, I understand what they mean. I would rather not have this hyper-sensitive ear (although it's interpretive hypersensitivity; in reality I am just a little bit hard-of-hearing).

The result, inevitably, is that I can't stand spoken communication. The noise gets to me and I overload. I can stand the Verdi Requiem at a far greater volume than my mom speaking too loudly next to me. I guess it's a function of melody as opposed to mere sonance.

I would love to speak primarily via text, because that is far easier for me. I express my thoughts better that way, I am wittier, I just generally prefer text-based communication. Because my interpretive hypersensitivity came this year and doesn't seem like it's going to go away, how can I tell my friends that I would prefer to communicate via text or fingerspelling?
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