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Vow of scilence

sory about the length, gramer, and spelling.

I belong to the catholic church. One trudition that we have is to go without something, or try to change something about yourself (or your rutine) for the fourty days (although it usualy is not 40) of what is called Lent, the preperation of the death and resurection of Jesus Christ. In the 5th grade I decided I would give up one thing (in that case I think It was soda-pop). The next year I gave up that thing and another, and this pattern continued until now.
Last year we had no bussing during the winter and my mom picked up two of my friends when we drove to school. My mom had yeld at me on the way over and she told me not to talk, so i did not. When we picked up the first person, they said hi to me a couple of times but I did not respond verbaly (which is the only way she could have known I heard her as she is blind) . When we went to the second persons house I responded to her greeting with a wave, which was okay as she can see. When I did not say anything my friend joked around and said "what, did you give up talking for lent this year?" My mom never told me i could talk but screamed at me for not talking, so everything went on and it was a fairly "normal" day.

Today almost a year latter my friend who had asked if I gave up talking, and I were talking about the upcoming lent and I was saying that I would absolutely love to take a "40" day vow of "scilence" (scilence in quotations as we would allow random noises, laughing, caughing et cetera, and posibly talking in forign languages, in forignlanguage classes as grades could suffer for not responding with corect pronounciation). Although we both want to do it know, we wory about what would the school do, could we get in masive trouble or be sent to school counseler? Also My mom would probably be angry (but then again she practicly always is).

I would respond and comunicate with people probably through text and psibly pointing to comon phrases, type thing. Has anyone ever done this befor? Was it a sucess or a failur? Do you recomend it?

Another reason I would want to do it is to take a stand against the scilencing of stugleing vocies, such as those in poverty, those who are disabled, those discriminated against, the falsely acused and convicted and even autistics.
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Vows of silence go back to the early days of the church. Ask your school what they would do. Tell them why this is important and they may cooperate. Speak to your priest. Explain to him why this is important to you and he may even put in a word for you with your mom. As long as you appear promptly when called and carry out orders, why not?

I think the bottom line is that you have to make arrangements for it.

You will also need to make and pass out business cards to those who speak to you. They would say something like this,

I have taken a vow of silence for Lent. The dates are XX-XX. Please cooperate with me and pray for the sins of the world, the disabled who cannot speak, those with no one to speak for them when they are harmed, the falsely accused who have no voice to defend them, and the poor.

You'd need to dress it up in more religious terms, but that's the general idea. You just can't stop talking and hope people guess why. You have to prepare.
i really hope this goes well for you if decide to do it. it sounds like a great idea to me. (one of those "i wish i'd thought of that" moments.)