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Website design advice needed- PLEASE?

I've started to pull down my old (well, antique really) website and I want to make sure this new website I'm writing is enjoyable for people to visit- disability friendly as much as possible, and doesn't upset those of my friends who find certain visual effects on websites disturbing or difficult to cope with.

What I need is feedback on what makes a good or bad website- what to specifically avoid, and how to make it accessible for as many people as possible. Website links to anything that has either information on how to make it friendly, tutorials in HTML (I'm writing it in Dreamweaver), or anything else you think would be useful would be greatly appreciated.

The main focuses of this website are going to be
Personal and family
Aspergers and other spectrum information
GLBT issues and resources
My own transition experiences
Indigenous Australian
General disability information and resources

I have one link that will test the pages for whether they are user friendly for colourblind people, but I don't know what to do about other disabilities, and I've lost the few resources I had when I wrote the original site- including how to do the HTML tags to put with graphics to explain what the graphic is to those using text-only browsers.

I use IE, so advice on any other browsers I should have in order to check compatability etc greatly appreciated. I have a large hard disk so an extra program or 10 on there is not a big issue.
All feedback pleaded for!

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